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on March 13, 2012

When I’m stressed, I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep.  Yesterday was stressful, so here I am.  I figured, might as well get this blogging thing out of the way.  I don’t think I’m allowed to write about TCAP, which is what was stressful, and I don’t have much more to say about it anyway, so I’m jumping on the wedding bandwagon.  It seems fitting since they are popping all over my calendar lately anyway.  I apologize in advance for the stream of consciousness writing.  It’s 4am, that’s all I’ve got.

But what exactly to write about…

I could do an engagement story like Jenn’s.  We skinned to the top of Wolf Creek Pass. He beat me and got out the ring before I got there.  After I got there, he got down on one knee. I said “Of course.”  Then we skied.  It was the perfect bluebirdpowderday, but too predictable.  It surprised the hell out of me, but no one else.

I could do a wedding dress story like Jamie and Sarah.  Only…there’s not much of a story.  I don’t like shopping unless its for gear.  I had absolutely NO interest in shopping for my wedding dress.  I knew what I wanted though, something like my graduation dress from high school, but V neck.  One day a Jcrew catalog came in the mail.  It had some wedding dresses in it.  I looked online just to see what they had, and there was the dress I wanted.  I ordered it.  It fit.  I tossed it back in the box and put it in my closet.  Later, my mom sent one of those hanging bags with a zipper and suggested I hang it up.  Perfect wedding dress, check!  Interesting blog, not yet.

Ohhhh…I know….THE CAKE!!!

The cake was the one part of wedding planning I was looking forward to.  This was the one part I’d always dreamed of.  So, when we decided to get married in California (since Casey’s side is all there and half of mine is too), I lined up cake tastings right away.  We spent an entire afternoon in LA eating little pieces of cake out of plastic wrap.  This was not nearly as elegant as I imagined, but still, it was FREE CAKE!!!  Some of the bakeries were snooty: You want chocolate frosting? No fondant?  No tiers? No decorations?  But I didn’t care.  I was eating their cake for free!  By the end of the day, I was feeling a bit nauseous but I had found my cake.  It was from a non-snooty bakery with a line around the block.  Done.  But I did not let that stop me from trying more cakes in San Diego a few days later, where I once again found my cake.  This one was dark chocolate like the first, but with a more interesting filling.  Done.

A few months later, we decided that we really didn’t want to get married in California after all.  This meant…more cake tasting!!!  Only this time we had decided to get married at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs, outside Buena Vista.  There are not quite as many bakeries to choose from there, and the ones there are do not stock their refrigerators with bite-size pieces of cake wrapped in plastic wrap.  I was NOT going to have a cake at my wedding without tasting it first, so I called the entire list of bakers that I had gotten from Mt. Princeton (about 5).  Two agreed to make me samples and were available on the weekend my mom was coming out.  My husband had found the venue; he was more than happy to send us off to deal with the details (cake and flowers).  I had explained to both bakers what I wanted:  Basically, dark chocolate with more dark chocolate.  I was open to fillings: espresso, Kahlua, raspberry…

The first baker met me at Mt. Princeton with a small brown box.  When I opened it, it was love at first sight.  A little circle of heaven on a plate.  Dark chocolate cake, chocolate-pudding-like filling, dark chocolate ganache, and some fresh berries.  OMG!!!  I had found my cake.  Done.  But, of course, I did not let that stop me from meeting with the second baker.  She met me at a café with a small white box.  I was practically drooling with anticipation.  I opened it and inside I saw a slice of white cake with white frosting.  What?!  Did she listen to anything I had said? Oh well, I enjoyed my free cake and then immediately called the first baker to place my order.  I wanted exactly what she had made, only bigger, square, and with some extra dark chocolate shavings (a girl cannot have too much chocolate).

I described it to Casey when I got home, but apparently I did not use enough imagery because the sight of it on our wedding day still stopped him in his tracks.  I imagine that most grooms don’t talk years later about the moment they saw their cake.  Mine does.  It was that good.  Not typical, but hands-down the BEST CAKE EVER!!!







I even had some for breakfast the next morning:)


One response to “Cake

  1. Meredith says:

    Love this – in fact, the sleepy rambling was quite effective – your cake excitement came right through!

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