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Family Dinners

on March 15, 2012

My family always sat down for dinner around our kitchen table.  Every night.  My parents both worked a lot, so we ate late and the dinners weren’t fancy, but we always sat and ate and talked.  I didn’t always like this, but we always did it.

In late December, my sister and her husband moved to Denver, into a house just a few blocks away.  Tonight, Casey and I are going to their house for eggplant parmesan.  Last week, they came to ours for tofu tacos.  It’s become a weekly event.  We don’t have a scheduled day or anything (I’m not much of a planner outside of school) but it tends to works out that way.  About one day a week, sometimes more or sometimes less, we get together for dinner.  I suppose it’s our new “family dinner.”


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