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A weekend camping

on March 18, 2012

#1 – I did not post Friday or Saturday because I was camping.  However, staying true to my Month of March commitment, I did write.  So here are my three weekend posts.

#2 – Now that I am trying to backdate, I realize that the dates are way messed up on my actual posts.  Not sure why.  May go back and fix, may not.

Friday’s Post: St. Patty’s Day Decision.

Yesterday, Casey and I started getting St. Patrick’s Day texts.  What are you doing Sat.?  Where are you starting?  When are you starting?  Oh boy, we thought, should we really stick to our plan of leaving town and camping in Salida?  Or should we join our friends in all day debauchery?  A few years ago, when St. Patty’s Day was on a Tuesday, I would have killed to have it on a Saturday.  Now, I’m not so sure.  When it’s on a weekday, I can dodge it easily – obviously I’m not going out, I have to work tomorrow.  On a Saturday, I’m forced to choose.  Not just what to do, but between the various sides of me.  Most of you know I have two sides: the work-aholic side that those of you who stay at school too late see, and the outdoor enthusiast side that those of you who see me on Mondays hear about.  But I also have the partier side, that I don’t let on about at work.  It started in high school, gained steam in college, hit an all-time high in Steamboat, and has been waning ever since.  But, even at 31 years old, it’s still there.  So, now that St. Patty’s Day is on a Saturday, this leaves me with a dilemma: to stay and indulge my party side, or go and indulge my outdoor enthusiast side?

Sitting in front of a campfire at my favorite slice of BLM land, I’m pretty glad I chose the latter.  The stars are bright, the wind is calm, and the fire is warm.  I don’t see my party side dying anytime soon, but it is certainly dimming.

Saturday’s Post: Hitting the Pause Button

Writing requires one to pause, which is a stranger thing than I originally thought it would be.  I know that I am a do-er, that I like to go from one thing to the next.  Those are the days that I am happiest.  It’s best when I can go from one fun thing to the next – like today, from x-country skiing to mountain biking to bocce-balling to carbombing to disc golfing…  But my next best option is a productive day when I go from one thing that needs to get done to the next.  Either way, I love being busy.  In a way, blogging is one more thing that needs to get done, but it is also so very different.  It requires pause.  It requires thought.  I cannot write without stopping to sit down and put my pencil/pen/keyboard to paper.  And the key word is stopping.  I can think and reflect without stopping.  I do those things all the time… while skiing or biking or swimming… but I don’t stop.  Writing requires stopping those activities, and for me that’s hard.  The only reason I’m writing this right now is because my husband hit pause on our game to dig a hole.  And now I hear him walking back, which means more frisbee, carbombs, and fun.  Happy St. Pats!


Sunday’s Post: FYI

Those two bright “stars” in the sky, the ones that are way brighter than everything else, the ones you can see in Denver even when no others are visible, are not actually stars.  They are Jupiter and Venus.  I heard it on NPR the other week and thought it was cool.  I spent much of my weekend looking at them.  I’m not sure how much longer they’ll stay visible, but if you haven’t yet, you should take a look.


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