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on March 21, 2012

Casey and I bought our first house last October.  Technically, it was his second, but it was my first and the first we owned together.  We got an amazing deal through the Good Neighbors Next Door program, but using the program meant we didn’t have a lot to choose from.  A couple foreclosures came up each week and we put our names in a lottery.  The house we got is wonderful in many ways.  It has a backyard and a garage, the bathroom is bigger than our last, and it’s in a great neighborhood.  However, there are a few downfalls.  At 620 sq feet, it’s not exactly a mansion.  To take a tour, you basically walk in the front door, take 6 steps forward and you’re in the bedroom, take 6 more steps and you’re in the “dining room,” take 6 more and you’re in the kitchen, take 6 more and you’re in the backyard.  The only interior door is to the bathroom.  You can’t open the dishwasher without opening the back door, which is unpleasant in the winter.

Soon after we closed on our house, my parents came to visit.  I expected them to appreciate all the wonderful things about our new home, and notice some of its quirks too, including the fact that the only furniture we had at the time was a bed.  They immediately loved the home.  They thought it was “very cute” and the “perfect” size for the two of us.  They took our “tour” and admired it.  When we got to the kitchen, they saw the old, stackable washer and dryer standing right next to the stove.

My mom peered inside and said something like, “Hmmm… looks like you’ll need a new one of these.”

“No, not really,” Casey and I replied.  “We really want ski passes. The washer/dryer is fine.”

They dropped it, but they were clearly not convinced.  It became an underlying current that ran through the weekend.  The rust.  The fact that it took about 2 hours to dry even a small load.  That we could only wash OR dry, not both at the same time.  Still, we insisted that it was fine.

“For Christmas?” they inquired.

“Nope, but if you’re offering a large gift, we’d really like those ski passes.”

But somehow we ended up in the washer/dryer section of Best Buy.  Unfortunately, all of the shiny new models required more voltage than the electrical circuits in our 1891 house provided.  They suggested we upgrade our electrical.  We agreed, and just a little while later (over the summer) we did.  And then just a little after that (this Thanksgiving), we finally bought one of those new washers and dryers.  It took us a full year, but we finally did it.

Tomorrow, they are coming to visit again for the first time since we got our new washer and dryer.  I have been trying to clean our house bit by bit tonight, so it will be slightly less pigsty-ish when they arrive, but I just really hate cleaning.  And all I keep thinking is… I wish I had some laundry to do!  Our new system makes it so easy and so efficient to do laundry, that it’s become by far my favorite chore.  Sure it takes up far too much room in our kitchen and looks a bit out of place, but who cares, I get to press lots of shiny buttons that say things like “Hand Wash” (for my clothes) and “Antibacterial Temp” (for Casey’s scrubs).  The problem tonight though is that all our laundry’s been done.  Even after camping all weekend, it’s still done.  It’s so easy and so awesome that we actually do laundry now.

So, thanks mom and dad for convincing us that we “needed” a new washer and dryer.  Do you think some new hardwood floors would help me sweep up all the dog fur?


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